Meet The Team: Kyle Disterheft

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What’s your role with Loop Community?

   I process Ableton Live loop submissions to get them in the correct format. I also create videos explaining some of the ways to use Apple Mainstage in corporate worship and I’ve got   a couple blog posts coming up! 

Tell us about your music experience.

  I grew up taking piano and percussion lessons as well as singing in different settings. I began playing the guitar in high school and have been playing that predominantly ever since. It wasn’t till I started hearing electronic sounds in the music of David Crowder, Muse, and U2 that I really got excited about creating and using loops. I originally learned a lot of that using FL Studio before migrating to Logic/ Mainstage and Ableton Live.

How long have you been using loops in worship?

 I have been using loops in worship and in my band for 3 years. 

What software / hardware do you use when making Loops?

I use Logic Pro 9 to create loops along with the help of my good friends, the M-Audio Keystation 61es and the Akai LPD8.

What software / hardware do you use when looping live?

I use Mainstage 2 and output through an M-Audio FastTrack Pro. I usually trigger things with the Akai LPD8, but I’ve had my eye on the Keith Mcmillen Softstep for a while now…

What do you enjoy most about being a part of Loop Community?

I really like the vision and the team at Loop Community. I like that LC “gives gifts,” to quote one of my favorite authors. You can find videos explaining various ways of setting up your loop rig, routing the audio, or creating loops yourself. There are even live webinars that explain functionality behind common loop software. These kind of things excite me, and I think that using loops in worship will continue to grow in popularity with sites like this making it easy to understand, easy to implement, and easy to be successful!