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Tell us about your church and where you lead worship
Although I do not sing, I play keys around the 5 North Point campuses and multiple partner churches in Atlanta area. North Point doesn’t use the typical music pastor/worship team model. They pull from a pool of contracted musicians and schedule us in advance. I’m always being challenged by working with different musicians possessing different skills and styles. It requires us as musicians to come fully prepared but also be ready to flex with changes. It’s a very interesting dynamic but very enjoyable.

How long have you been using loops in worship?
I remember reading about BWack using an MPC to trigger samples and loops way back in 05. He then made the switch to Live. The synergy of acoustic “real” instruments and electronics or computers fascinated me ever since. The obsession with Live began. It first started with a simple loop here and there. After working with different bands it turned into multi track creation and then using computers to play soft synths and samples live. Quite literally, anything I can imagine or think of I can do in a live environment.

Do you write original music?
I work on a lot of other artist’s projects as well as music for media. I absolutely love helping people bring their ideas to life. I also do a lot of remixing. So I do create a lot of original music, it’s just not mine. Making my own music has always been a desire. In fact that need to create has become overwhelming in the last few months. Right now, being self employed, it’s hard to pul myself out of work/deadline mode and into creative mode.

If so, where can we hear it?
You can hear a lot of my stuff at duganAudio.com
Some remixing ideas can also be found on my soundcloud. soundcloud.com/duganaudio

What does your loop building process look like?
I’m a big fan of Ableton Live. So I take full advantage of both it’s Session and Arrangement View. I think it is hands down the most efficient and creative way to capture ideas when I get them. Most of the time I am recreating content that is found on the original recording or creating new content for a remix or new version of a song. When I’m doing that I start in Live’s Arrangement view and drag in the original recording. I can then change the arrangement, key or tempo on the fly. This gives me a great roadmap or template to build up content around. Now I can use anything in the arsenal, Softsynths, outboard gear, samples or recordings to create. Then by using some amazing built in features of Live I can take it to the stage or deliver within minutes after creating. 
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