Meet the LC Team: Paul Case

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What’s your role with Loop Community?
I do a couple of different things at LC. I do different graphic artwork for the site and advertising. I also publish a lot of the Facebook and Twitter content and I also do interviews with different team members and contributors for blog posts.

Tell us about your music experience.
I have been playing guitar for approx. 14 years. I started in youth worship in High School. I have played in a few different bands over the years and have played in a variety of venues from churches to local bars 🙂 I have been playing worship full time for almost 3 years now and have learned multiple instruments including bass, drums, piano even some different wind instruments.

How long have you been using loops in worship?
I have been using Loops in worship for a little over a year.

What software / hardware do you use when making Loops?
When it comes to loops I produce exclusively in Ableton Live on my MacBook Pro.

What is one thing you enjoy most about being a part of LoopCommunity?
LoopCommunity is actually the reason I got started in the loop world. There are so many great resources for users and producers. The quality and quantity of loops stands out above the competition and the vision of the LC is to equip worship leaders to excel not to make money. This is a ministry that is quite fulfilling to be a part of and support.