Loop Community Ableton Advanced Template

LC’s Kristian Ponsford shows us how you can use the Ableton Advanced Template to help get all the power you can out of Ableton Live!

The advanced Ableton template is the great way to organise your loops, multi tracks, sounds and cue tracks into one master template. The use of subgroups, titling and colour coding make this template extremely visually coherent.
This download includes ambient pads, metronome automation, midi controls for ProPresenter and controls to turn pages in PDFs and in the OnSong iPad app.

Purchase the Template here for only $30

Surround Sound Worship Loops

Hey community!

I’m in Cincinnati with my good friend and very talented worship leader / songwriter, Zak Stegman.

Zak is leading worship this week for the Summer of Service conference at the Vineyard church in Cincinnati (where I used to work).

He is running his loops this week in Surround Sound, which I thought was pretty cool. Basically, he exported two different stereo tracks. Each track
has different instruments panned. Track 1 is set to play through the center array speakers, and Track 2 is playing through a set of speakers set up in the rear of the auditorium.

Check out this video to spark some creativity in your looping and multitracking!

Anyone else out there doing this?

-Matt McCoy (@mattmccoy)