Prime: Loop Community iPad App

  Hey everyone! We’re excited to announce that we have released the first version of the Loop Community iPad App. Use the app to access all of your previous and future LC MultiTrack purchases! Features a 12 channel audio mixer Auto-pans Click/Cues Left and Track audio Right Create and Save Read more…

By Loop Community, ago

What is a DAW?

The world of creating music has changed so much through the years.  As worship leaders, sometimes it’s hard to stay current with everything in the music creation world.  So when I heard the term “DAW” for the first time, I thought I was hearing some audio engineers talking in code Read more…

By Loop Community, ago

Welcome to Apple Mainstage!

Apple Mainstage is another performance software that you can use to run loops. Used alongside Apple Logic or Garageband, Mainstage allows you to import loops to play them back with markers. Mainstage allows you to create custom buttons, knobs, and displays so that you can show and control exactly what you Read more…

By Loop Community, ago