Success Kid


If you’re a contributor at Loop Community, you’ve probably seen the “success kid” when you’ve had a successful upload. Well, that little kids’ dad needs your help!

From their website:

“Justin is a 39 year old father of one in need of a kidney transplant. Please help us reach our goal so that Justin may get the pre-treatments and

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transplant he desperately needs. His mother died from this disease, please help us write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam.

Thank you for your consideration and for any help you can provide to help our family reach this goal.”


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A Different View on Exclusivity


At Loop Community, we are committed to resourcing the church and worship leaders with the tools they need to lead worship. This is the reason we started Loop Community in 2009. Since then, we’ve created a FREE playback App, a Foot Controller and distribute MultiTracks on behalf of hundreds of artists and churches. Making this easy and affordable for worship leaders will always be our priority.

Equally important to Loop Community is serving the song. Making great worship music easily and broadly available serves the church and the song at the same time.

If you’re looking to distribute your original MultiTracks, is a great place to do that – among many other sites out there! With well over 300,000 churches in the US, no one website is THE go-to place for everything. Of course we would all like to be and we would all like to think we are. But the truth is that we’re just not. Loop Community’s 75,000+ active users, another site’s 40,000, and yet another site’s 15,000 will obviously have some overlap – but separately, none of us are covering the whole potential customer base and audience.

If you are a publisher, songwriter, or church producing original worship music; this is something to consider. The term “exclusive” sounds pretty important. And, it can be. It can also be limiting. Any time you enter into an exclusive agreement about where your music and resources can be sold, you’ve given up the freedom to use multiple avenues to tell your story, promote your music, and make the most of the opportunities available for your music to be heard and sung. Your potential audience is then limited.

Unfortunately, there are some companies who are requiring exclusive agreements that span for up to 1 – 3 years. This means that you are unable to sell your tracks on any other website or platform during this time period.

At Loop Community, our view is that demanding exclusivity to us wouldn’t be in your best interest or the song’s best interest. We believe that requiring you to exclude other options and opportunities by signing an exclusive agreement with us, or anyone else, limits your reach and hurts the Church because there are worship leaders that aren’t discovering, hearing, or leading your music…which is the point, right?

So, while it may not make as much traditional business sense to be open-handed and non-exclusive; that’s what we believe best allows us to be about God’s business.

At we want you to spread your music as far and wide as possible. Art should NEVER be limited to a certain audience. This is the reason you can buy the same music at iTunes, Amazon, Target, WalMart, etc. How much more should worship music NEVER be limited? Loop Community is dedicated to your success and getting your music to as many people as possible… All for the glory of God.


WHY PARTNER WITH LOOP COMMUNITY? has been the leader in distributing MultiTracks and Loops since 2009. We are committed to resourcing musicians and churches with the tools they need. Your music will be heard by thousands of musicians and will boost the exposure of your artists, albums and songs.


When you distribute with Loop Community, you receive the following promotional benefits:

  • Banner Ad on the homepage of (Currently 75K+ Active Users)
  • Dedicated Blog Post for your album release
  • E-Blast Feature sent to our opt-in list of 45K subscribers
  • Promotional Tweets and Posts in Social Media Channels
    • Facebook: 15K+ Followers
    • Twitter: 10K+ Followers
    • Instagram: 4K+ Followers
  • Dedicated Artist Page with links to your websites and MultiTracks


Loop Community supports you and your music. We always will. Thanks for being a part of the community.


LoopKit Screen Shot 2015-01-08 at 12.04.46 PM   LoopKit allows you to be spontaneous in your Live Performance. It includes over 100 sets of loops that you can use for any song or arrangement. Delivered as an

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Ableton Session View file, simply assign the scenes to your favorite MIDI controller (Great for Looptimus)! These generic loops include shakers, tambourines, electronic beats, arpeggiators, kick drums and more. Customize your own loop sets and play them with any song. LoopKit is available in the Loop Community Shop.   loopkit_product_image

New Album by Matt McCoy – REMIX



Available EXCLUSIVELY at

We’re excited to announce that the new electronic album by Matt McCoy, REMIX, is available Exclusively at

Download the MultiTracks, SplitTracks and MP3’s.

Featuring 6 songs:

Your Love For Me
My Eyes Are Fixed On You
Trust in the Lord
Your Love For Me 2
People of God


Download the entire album today in the store.

Worship Leader Magazine “Best of the Best” for 2014


We’re excited to announce that and our App model on viagra commercial PRIME was selected as Worship Leader Magazines vipps viagra “Best of the Best” brand cialis online pharmacy for 2014.

Thank you all for your continued support. We couldn’t do what we do without YOU and we’re so thankful that you’re a part of this viagra daily digital community.
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Let’s keep making tracks for the church!