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We are pleased to announce that the Worship Initiative Volume 5 MultiTracks are Now Available.

We also have vol 1- 4 available.

Check them out here:




We’re excited to announce that we’ve released the original master multi-tracks for Martin Smith’s “God’s Great Dance Floor”. These are really creative albums filled with amazing songs. Martin is a legend in Christian music. You might know him from the band, Delirious. He has written many songs that have impacted the church over the years: “Did You Feel the Mountains Tremble”, “I Could Sing of Your Love Forever”, “Majesty”, “God’s Great Dance Floor”.

Download the original multitracks for Martin Smith here:



Our friends at Elevation Worship released a new worship album this week. It’s currently #1 on the iTunes charts.
This album is full of amazing congregational worship songs. You can now download the master MultiTrack stems from the album

Click Here To View Elevation Tracks at



We’ve released the master original MultiTracks for Bethel Music, “For the Sake of the World” and “Tides”.

Download the multi tracks here!






We just released the master multitrack stems for BJ Putnam “More and More”.
You’ll love the tracks on this album. Energetic, creative and passionate songs for worship.
Be sure to check out the album on iTunes and download the multitrack stems here