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If you’re a contributor at Loop Community, you’ve probably seen the “success kid” when you’ve had a successful upload. Well, that little kids’ dad needs your help!

From their website:

“Justin is a 39 year old father of one in need of a kidney transplant. Please help us reach our goal so that Justin may get the pre-treatments and transplant he desperately needs. His mother died from this disease, please help us write a different story for Justin and his son, Sam.

Thank you for your consideration and for any help you can provide to help our family reach this goal.”


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At Loop Community, we are committed to resourcing the church and worship leaders with the tools they need to lead worship. This is the reason we started Loop Community in 2009. Since then, we’ve created a FREE playback App, a Foot Controller and distribute MultiTracks on behalf of hundreds of artists and churches. Making this easy and affordable for worship leaders will always be our priority.

Equally important to Loop Community is serving the song. Making great worship music easily and broadly available serves the church and the song at the same time.

If you’re looking to distribute your original MultiTracks, is a great place to do that – among many other sites out there! With well over 300,000 churches in the US, no one website is THE go-to place for everything. Of course we would all like to be and we would all like to think we are. But the truth is that we’re just not. Loop Community’s 75,000+ active users, another site’s 40,000, and yet another site’s 15,000 will obviously have some overlap – but separately, none of us are covering the whole potential customer base and audience.

If you are a publisher, songwriter, or church producing original worship music; this is something to consider. The term “exclusive” sounds pretty important. And, it can be. It can also be limiting. Any time you enter into an exclusive agreement about where your music and resources can be sold, you’ve given up the freedom to use multiple avenues to tell your story, promote your music, and make the most of the opportunities available for your music to be heard and sung. Your potential audience is then limited.

Unfortunately, there are some companies who are requiring exclusive agreements that span for up to 1 – 3 years. This means that you are unable to sell your tracks on any other website or platform during this time period.

At Loop Community, our view is that demanding exclusivity to us wouldn’t be in your best interest or the song’s best interest. We believe that requiring you to exclude other options and opportunities by signing an exclusive agreement with us, or anyone else, limits your reach and hurts the Church because there are worship leaders that aren’t discovering, hearing, or leading your music…which is the point, right?

So, while it may not make as much traditional business sense to be open-handed and non-exclusive; that’s what we believe best allows us to be about God’s business.

At we want you to spread your music as far and wide as possible. Art should NEVER be limited to a certain audience. This is the reason you can buy the same music at iTunes, Amazon, Target, WalMart, etc. How much more should worship music NEVER be limited? Loop Community is dedicated to your success and getting your music to as many people as possible… All for the glory of God.


WHY PARTNER WITH LOOP COMMUNITY? has been the leader in distributing MultiTracks and Loops since 2009. We are committed to resourcing musicians and churches with the tools they need. Your music will be heard by thousands of musicians and will boost the exposure of your artists, albums and songs.


When you distribute with Loop Community, you receive the following promotional benefits:

  • Banner Ad on the homepage of (Currently 75K+ Active Users)
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Loop Community supports you and your music. We always will. Thanks for being a part of the community.

You know me, I’m a worship leader and love resourcing the church with worship music. And just like you, I’m always looking for fresh, new songs to play at my church on Sunday mornings. I thought I would compile a list of some great new songs that I think are amazing and that you should check out! These are all written by amazing worship leaders and released by churches who have such an awesome heart for writing songs for the Church.

Unfortunately, due to exclusive agreements, we’re unable to sell these multitracks at LoopCommunity… however, that doesn’t stop us from sharing what we think are great songs for the Church and I think it’s important for you to hear them! That’s what we’re about at LC.


Reason to Dance – Bethany Worship

Download the mp3 Here

Download the MultiTrack here



Love Shines – Austin Stone

Download the mp3 Here

Download the MultiTrack here



The Old Rugged Cross (I Am Free) – BridgeCity

Download the mp3 Here

Download the Chart Here

Download the MultiTrack Here



Never Once – Fellowship Bible Church

This is a great cover. This song needs to be sung more often!!

Download the mp3 Here

Download the Chart Here

Download the MultiTracks Here




Glory Shines Bright – River Valley Church

Check out their website! We love their music.

Download the mp3 Here

This week on our podcast Matt McCoy interviews Bwack, former long time drummer for David Crowder and now with The Digital Age, he discusses his experiences with using loops, tracks, and multitracks in live worship.

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by Wade Huggins

Loops and multi-tracks are a tool – just like your guitar or keyboard. They can be used to truly improve the overall sound of your band. However, if you do not use the tools correctly, they can become a distraction and cause a great deal of frustration. Get the best out of the technology by using some of these techniques.

  1. Prepare your tracks. This sounds obvious but I have made this mistake myself. The week gets busy and you forget to go through and make sure everything is set up. As leaders, we have to prepare for rehearsal more than we expect our team to prepare. Rehearse going through the setlist – triggering the loops (regardless if you are actually the person triggering them). You wouldn’t show up to rehearsal with two broken guitar strings you have to change out. Show up with your Ableton set (or LC Prime) ready and tested to go!
  2. Give the team an accurate song map of the song (before rehearsal). There are several ways to do this. If you are using or something like it, consider uploading an .mp3 of the actual multi-track split file so the band can practice with the actual form of the song (with the right cues and click) that will be used in the service. Email is another great tool! A lot of times, I’ll send the band an email the day of rehearsal so they know what I’m looking for in a particular song and I don’t have to spend time at rehearsal talking them through builds, transitions, and forms. Most worship teams have one rehearsal, a sound check, and then it’s go time. The more you can do to clarify the form of the song and service BEFOREHAND the better off you will be and the more effective your rehearsals will run.
  3. First run through the song, from beginning to end. No stopping! When I was first using loops and multi-tracks, we would get to a place in the song where we got lost or messed up a transition and I would stop, explain what happened, tell them what I was looking for, and then I’d have to navigate through the track to get us back at that same spot and we would run it from there (or even more time consuming, start over from the beginning). This made sense to me at first because it was how I used to run rehearsals before I started using loops and multi-tracks. Without loops, you could mess up and stop, then immediately pick up where you left off. What I have learned in this is basic – most musicians know when they messed up and what they need to do to fix it. Since I started doing this, my team knows that we will run through the song from start to finish. If we mess up, we all take a mental note. After we have been through the first time, I’ll touch on the places where we made mistakes and clarify what we need to do. Then we move on. It helps rehearsals be much more productive and efficient. It also teaches your team to keep going even when you make a mistake.
  4. Run trouble spots with only a click. Set up a way to solo just the click track and run trouble spots without the loop. It is sometimes beneficial to take the loop out and touch on spots. Less instrumentation helps the band hear the individual parts and get tight as a group without the loop. As a leader, you’ll also hear things you might not hear with the loop blaring in your ear.
  5. Practice Transitions. This is equally important as getting through the form, maybe more important. Make sure you take the time to run the transition several times with the band before you move on to the next song.
  6. Make sure everyone can hear the click/cues. Ask them, “Can you hear the cues? Click?” I have found cues and click to be one of the most helpful tools for rehearsal efficiency. Another thing you can do from time to time is record custom cues where you talk through the song and throw it in the cues track to give extra direction for rehearsal. This is especially helpful for songs that are a little more complex or for if you want to do something different than the original track.

Any other thoughts? I’d love to hear how you use tracks in rehearsal!

A passionate leader and talented singer-songwriter, Wade Huggins currently serves as Worship Pastor at First Baptist Athens. His primary passion for leading is the local church, but Wade also serves as a speaker, trainer, writer, and leads for retreats and camps. Wade manages the blog for He lives in Athens, TX with his wife Kristin and their two chihuahuas: Verdell and Schubert.